Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Book Theme

Everytime someone asks me what I'm passionate about I always tell them my book that I'm writing. The next question is always "oh, what is it about?"..... that is the hardest question to answer. Do you want me to give you an outline or clips of dialogue? Then I sat down and really tried to get feelings for what my book was truly about. This is what came out of me. It's perfect; it is the essence of my book. 

You discover who you are,
It is hidden deep within the folds of your soul.
All you need to complete in the inner being.
Continuing upwards, steep climb that it is.
Don’t lose that part of you, swing from it.
Let it carry you
Let it make you fly.
They’re going to come; they’re going to leave.
The scales fall, dead all around you.
Their nails are full of your skin,
It has all been pulled and torn.
Keep running, keep going.
You will feel like just a piece, incomplete.
Your light is still growing,
The season is blooming.
When you reach the top, you will see.
Your light was within yourself,
You had it all along.
You will feel whole; you will stand on your own.
Above their grasps, towering over their needs.
Lift your hands; let it burst forth from your bosom.
You’ve discovered who you are. 

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